Friday, 26 August 2016

Low Cost Flights available with Indulgence Passage

Application forms can be accessed via the travel section on the BFG G4 Log Ops Transport & Movements webpage or via unit movement clerks. Details of flight schedules and pricing policy are also available on MOSS sites.
Completed application forms must be submitted to the Bielefeld Travel Centre (BTC), where the process is managed.
 Offer of an Indulgence Flight
 When an indulgence flight becomes available, applicants will be informed between 48 & 24 hours before the flight.
 To ensure successful contact is made, applicants must provide a telephone number, an email and postal address on the application form, and are strongly advised to give an alternative contact number if possible.
 Applicants for indulgence passage should not report to departure airfields unless they have received ‘call forward’ instructions from the BTC. Passengers will not be boarded without this authority.
Withdrawal of Offer - It is important to note, the offer of an indulgence flight can subsequently be withdrawn at any time up to the departure of the flight.

JSHO Housing Brief 6th Sept 2016

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Cool Britannia Football Presentation in English Saturday 26th September

On 26th September the German Football Museum in Dortmund will give a presentation in English about the beautiful game with guest Andy Walsh from Manchester United.
The event starts at 8:00pm and entry is 7 Euro.
This event forms part of the museum's exhibition around English football and the fans to mark the 50th Anniversary of England winning the World Cup. The exhibition runs until 15th January 2017. 
For further information on the German Football Museum please call into your local HIVE

Kessel Cup Skate festival Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2016

The Kesselbrink Bielefeld invites you to the annual big Skate Festival 
Live music, from "Grand Mercury", "Column", 
"Hovercraft Hammerfist", "52Rockwell", "Krawehl"
 and "Brain Dead Dogs".

Bielefeld Brackweder Schweinemarkt 26th, 27th & 28th August 2016

A historic fair, an artist program, fun-fair at the marketplace, flea market, various exhibitions and more. Clubs, schools, kindergartens and other institutions are actively involved in the program. On the last day of the Scweinemarkt the shops are open in Brackwede, Bielefeld from 13:00 -18:00hrs for open Sunday.

Flora-Westfalica Park Annual Fire & Flames display Saturday 27th August

Image result for fireworks
This year the Flora-Westfalica Park Fire & Flames display in Rheda Wiedenbrueck is with a Caribbean feel. The evening starts at 19:00hrs with Live bands.The musical firework display begins at 22:00hrs. 
For further information  click here

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bielefeld Community Cinema club Ghostbusters Sunday 28th August

For further information contact Community Support on 0521 9254 3127