Saturday, 22 October 2016

Moneyforce Needs You


Would you like to play a part in shaping the future direction of MoneyForce?

Think you can help us with the design of new digital tools and apps?

Or even if you're not a fan, but think you know what's missing from MoneyForce, we want to hear from you!

We're aiming to set up a small group of 6-8 MoneyForce 'Super users' to meet up twice a year to discuss MoneyForce and for you to feed back to us the views of your friends and colleagues.
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Reporting incidents to the RMP

Reporting Incidents to the RMP: Advice and Information

Routine Calls

 For a non-emergency call, you should call the RMP Station (Military - 94879 - 2223; or Civilian: 05254 982 2223). 

They will record the details, and if needed, they will liaise with the German Civil Police (GCP) on your behalf. 

You can also contact the RMP in BFG via email or social media: 

From DII: 1RMP-110 ProCoy-Group Mailbox (MULTIUSER) 

From Personal Email: 1RMP-110 

Emergencies Due to the distance between many SFA in BFG and the one remaining Military Police Station in Sennelager, the response time for an RMP patrol can be too long in the case of an emergency. Therefore, unless you live in the Sennelager / Paderborn area, emergency calls should always be made to the GCP (emergency telephone number - 110). If you are unable to make contact with the GCP due to language problems, then a call should be made to the RMP emergency number (05254 982 2222), when the duty interpreter will contact GCP on the your behalf.

 A follow up call should also be made to the RMP to make sure that a record is kept by them of all incidents. REPORTING SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY You should ALWAYS report anything suspicious to the police; no matter how trivial it may seem. It’s much better to report something that turns out to be harmless, than to not bother to report something that turns out to be important. 

Crime Prevention advice is available on any matter from the RMP station. Please call the routine number.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Libori Festival 22nd October 2016

Autumn Libori Festival is starting this Saturday the 22nd October for a week in Paderborn Town, enjoy all the events with the whole family!  

Bonfire Night 5th of November 2016

ASD Parent Support Group Sept - Dec 2016

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bielefeld Cinema Club - Don't Breathe (15) Sun 23rd at 18:30hrs

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AWS Notice

There are a number of groups within the community which have not registered with AWS in compliance with SI BF(G) 3321 & SO BF(G) 3352. The Army Welfare Services has the responsibility for the annual registering, monitoring and supporting the activities of all community groups.

Please follow the link below for further information.