Friday, 20 May 2016

Who can drive a BFG Registered vehicle?

BFG VLO is often asked who, apart from BFG Personnel, can drive a BFG Registered vehicle? The following rules outline who you can permit to drive your BFG Registered vehicle and under what circumstances.

BFG Personnel are not to permit any person to whom BFG Standing Orders do not apply to drive a BFG Vehicle. BFG Standing Orders apply to the Service Personnel and Civilians Subject to Service Discipline (CSSD), The Force, who may therefore drive a BFG registered vehicle for which they are insured.

There are however, certain circumstances where a BFG registered vehicle can be driven by anybody who is insured, listed below:

a.       The vehicle is driven by a Non-BFG Resident in an emergency situation – for example, a situation in which there is danger to life.

b.       BFG Personnel who employ a nanny on an official basis may authorise the nanny to  drive a BFG Registered vehicle owned by them.

c.       The vehicle is driven by a professional mechanic in the course of his or her employment where this is necessary to carry out an inspection or test the vehicle to ensure it is roadworthy.

d.       The vehicle is driven by a sponsored visitor (i.e. a person visiting  BFG Personnel for leisure purposes, and whose presence in Germany has been notified to the BFG authorities), in which case the visitor may drive the vehicle for a period of up to 28 days during any one visit.  Should an extension beyond the initial 28 days be necessary, applications should be submitted not late than 7 days prior to the runout of the current authorised period, as below.

NOTE : BFG Personnel are not to authorise anyone to drive a vehicle owned by them until they have ensured that the driver holds appropriate and relevant insurance cover and a current valid driving licence issued by an EU member state permitting him or her to drive the relevant type of vehicle.

You are not to permit anyone to drive a BFG Vehicle in exchange for any remuneration, service, or reward of any kind.

If you require further guidance and information on this topic then please don’t hesitate to contact the BFG VLO Helpdesk on Mil 94881 2637 or Civ 0521 9254 2637.