Sunday, 24 July 2016

Dental Treatment for Boarding School Children in BFG

Both routine and emergency dental treatment will be available at Defence Primary Healthcare (DPHC) Dental Centres in BFG for children who attend boarding school in the UK and who have returned to BFG on School Children’s Visits (SCVs).

The same NHS-equivalent charges and exemptions apply to Boarding School children as for the rest of the civilian component of BFG.

Non-urgent routine inspections and treatment will be available to boarding school children provided that:

* There are available appointments during the child’s visit. If there are no available appointments then you will not be able to book one.
* Your child will not be given priority over any other entitled patient.
* Your child does not require prolonged courses of dental treatment that would require regular visits to the dentist or specialist treatment that cannot be completed during the school holidays.

As school holiday dates are known in advance it is recommended that parents book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Please note that orthodontic treatment is not available to boarding school children via DPHC Dental Centres; alternative arrangements for this must be made by the parents through the school. It is in the child’s interest to have complex treatment performed near to the school in the UK.

All appointments made for civilian patients are made in good faith; however they are subject to cancellation if military operational commitments require it. The Chain of Command reserves the right to cancel routine appointments to support Force Preparation and other short- notice deployments.

For further advice please contact your local Dental Centre.