Friday, 26 August 2016

Low Cost Flights available with Indulgence Passage

Application forms can be accessed via the travel section on the BFG G4 Log Ops Transport & Movements webpage or via unit movement clerks. Details of flight schedules and pricing policy are also available on MOSS sites.
Completed application forms must be submitted to the Bielefeld Travel Centre (BTC), where the process is managed.
 Offer of an Indulgence Flight
 When an indulgence flight becomes available, applicants will be informed between 48 & 24 hours before the flight.
 To ensure successful contact is made, applicants must provide a telephone number, an email and postal address on the application form, and are strongly advised to give an alternative contact number if possible.
 Applicants for indulgence passage should not report to departure airfields unless they have received ‘call forward’ instructions from the BTC. Passengers will not be boarded without this authority.
Withdrawal of Offer - It is important to note, the offer of an indulgence flight can subsequently be withdrawn at any time up to the departure of the flight.