Monday, 26 September 2016

Photography classes in Bielefeld

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Are you interested in photography (classes, courses)?
Courses for beginners, portrait and master classes like light painting etc.  To be held in the Bielefeld Community room  For further information contact:

Friday, 23 September 2016

Save 10% with a Berlin Pass from Forcesdiscount

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Keeping Children Safe online - Parent Guides

The challenge of keeping our children safe on the internet is ever evolving as new technology, apps and games are developed. Click here to view a collection of short, clearly written guidebooks that demystify apps, services and platforms popular with kids and teens. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

The EU Referendum and what it means for BFG

Commander British Forces Germany writes to all British Service and Civilian Personnel in Germany on the outcome of the EU referendum.
Click here to read...

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Go Outdoors extra discount

Bielefeld Gymnasium - DEPs/UKBCs/LECs are to have personal liability and personal accident insurance

Since 2011 to use ANY MOD Gym, DEPs/UKBCs/LECs are to have personal liability and personal accident insurance, this is due to a costly amount of claims against the MOD. 
The MOD will no longer accept responsibility for any injuries.
If any DEP/UKBC/LEC wants to use an MOD gym and take part in activities then it is at own risk, if they get injured, then they claim from their own insurance and not the MOD. All members have, since the refurbishment in 2014, signed to say they have the correct insurance and signed the risk assessment before using the gym.
The difference at Bl gym is the station has paid for the personal liability for Bl stationed DEPs and UKBCs only, so all you are required to pay for is personal accident insurance. Anyone that hasnt got it, needs to get it to use the gym and take part in any activities to adhere to the MODs policy. It can be purchased cheaply at the ergo insurance office in block 8. Most home insurance offers personal accident insurance in their policies, a phone call to check it covers them in the gym is sometimes required if not stated in the policy. Any new members to the gym since 2016 have to provide a copy of accident insurance. Anyone that hasnt signed the risk assessment should do it asap to adhere to the MODs policy and avoid any disapointment. Anyone that still doesn't understand should speak with Ricky in the Gym on ext 3249 where he will explain what is required.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Running a Business from home or selling of products

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Running a Business from home or selling products, requires you to be registered. For more information pop into Community Support Office.  Information is also available in the HIVE.

Bielefeld Cinema Club

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Remember its a members only cinema, you can get a registration form from Community Support, Block 26c, Catterick Bks, with a photo and your membership fee. Once you are a member there is no additional cost. Pop in for more details! There is some good films showing and we don't want to turn you away if your not a member, that includes children.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Domestic Abuse: Information, Advice and Key Contacts

What is Domestic Abuse? Domestic abuse is essentially about the power and control of one person over another person. Such abuse may show itself in many ways, including physical violence, emotional or mental abuse, sexual violence and abuse, financial control or keeping a person in the home or not allowing them to go out alone, telling them who they can and cannot meet and talk to.

Perpetrators may blame being drunk or say they have "anger management problems." These can be factors but they are not the only causes of the abuse.

Abuse against women and girls is a gender based crime; however, we must recognise that men and boys can be victims of Domestic Abuse and that it can affect whole families, including children.

Men have a key role in stopping the violence and helping to change the attitudes and actions of their peers.

Children of all ages can be affected by domestic abuse, even if they do not see the abuse directly. For further information Click Here 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Tropical Islands

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Fancy enjoying summertime all year long?
Tropical Islands, located near Berlin in Germany offers a unique tropical holiday world, with temperatures of 26 degrees all year long. 
You can stay on-site in the Dome in guest rooms and lodges, or on the Tropical Islands Campsite in a tepee or bring your own caravan or camper.
And what's more, if you are in BFG you can get your holiday tax-free (Mehrwehrtsteuer frei) by using a tax-free form (Abwicklungschein).
Call into your local HIVE and pick up a brochure with more information.