Sunday, 4 September 2016

Domestic Abuse: Information, Advice and Key Contacts

What is Domestic Abuse? Domestic abuse is essentially about the power and control of one person over another person. Such abuse may show itself in many ways, including physical violence, emotional or mental abuse, sexual violence and abuse, financial control or keeping a person in the home or not allowing them to go out alone, telling them who they can and cannot meet and talk to.

Perpetrators may blame being drunk or say they have "anger management problems." These can be factors but they are not the only causes of the abuse.

Abuse against women and girls is a gender based crime; however, we must recognise that men and boys can be victims of Domestic Abuse and that it can affect whole families, including children.

Men have a key role in stopping the violence and helping to change the attitudes and actions of their peers.

Children of all ages can be affected by domestic abuse, even if they do not see the abuse directly. For further information Click Here