Thursday, 22 December 2016

Make Sure You Have Your Winter Sports Insurance Cover

Despite the lack of snow here in BFG it is the time of year where many of us eagerly scan our weather apps for snow conditions as our winter holiday approaches.  Whilst travelling outside of Germany on a private journey BFG Health Service is not responsible for your medical care.  So, as you plan your break and compare resorts, flights etc you should not neglect the most import factor. . . Your winter sports Insurance cover.
The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is free and will cover the cost of emergency treatment in any European Union country, plus Switzerland and Norway.  Every family member, children included, will need their own EHIC card and it’s worth checking the date as EHICs are only valid for 5 years.  You can apply for EHICs at or by calling the application line on 0044 300 3301350.  The EHIC card covers the bearer for urgent and unforeseen treatment in an EEA country outside the country of residence.  The EHIC card does not however, provide for air ambulances, private care or repatriation, nor will it cover lost baggage or cancellations.  You will therefore still need your own personal insurance.
If you are stationed in Germany your EHIC will not be valid in Germany, BFG Health Service covers your emergency care in Germany and all incidents should be reported to the hospital hotline: 0800 588 99 36.  Please be advised, BFG Health Service is not responsible for winter sports accidents.
When searching for an insurance policy it is essential to check that it includes winter sports insurance cover and the level meets your particular needs.  This could include, cancellation cover ie. the cost of your holiday and also that baggage cover will allow you to replace any lost possessions.  Many people wrongly assume winter sports cover is included in their annual holiday insurance, so please make sure you check your policy.  Finally, one that is easily missed, is that you ensure you are covered for any non standard sports you might fancy attempting like tobogganing whilst on holiday.