Monday, 8 May 2017

Postal voting for overseas personnel


AFF’s been investigating the issues surrounding Postal Votes and have now found that due to the short timings, postal votes may not arrive in time. Most overseas personnel are registered to postal vote so it’s important for us to make sure as many families as possible are aware of the postal vote constraints and other options. The link to the full AFF statement is if you want to include it too.

AFF VIEW: The General Election and Voting

Voting from overseas
For those families who are posted abroad and are concerned about how they will be able to vote, we have received detailed information from the Electoral Commission who have recommended that proxy voting is a suitable method. To read this information, please click here.
Many of you told us after the 2015 general election that proxy voting was not a viable option for you and we had been working towards a solution to this issue. However, with the snap election announcement, deadlines have been significantly reduced meaning that proxy voting is still the recommended option for serving families abroad, despite our concerns.
We are disappointed by this outcome but, having contacted a number of local authorities to confirm the dates for the release of their ballot papers, many have said they will not be able to distribute the relevant material until the end of May. Therefore, AFF believes that with the incredibly tight timings of this election, proxy voting, in this instance, is the safest way to cast your vote.
AFF continues to find out more
We understand this will be a frustrating situation for many, but would like to re-assure you that this is a priority piece of work for us and we will be campaigning hard to make sure that this does not happen again in the future.
You may like to contact your ‘home’ local authority if you are registered as a postal voter, to confirm when they will be sending out their ballot papers, as this may give you more information to make an informed decision regarding how you would like to cast your vote.
Contact AFF
For more information, or to register a complaint about this, please contact your local AFF co-ordinator, Carole Rudd on or pop into see her in the Families Naafi Sennelager.

Carole Rudd | Gutersloh Co-ordinator | Army Families Federation
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