Thursday, 8 June 2017

Sunday June 11th 2017 Lenkwerk presents British-Day

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LENKWERK Bielefeld's unique location for old and youngtimer lovers, collectors and enthusiasts. Whether it is the exciting history of the historic building, the elaborate and loving renovation down to the smallest detail, the unique, timeless and elegant charm, the almost limitless possibilities for all kinds of events, exhibitions and not least the atmospheric ambience amidst breathtaking old- And Youngtimer, legendary Harley-Davidsons and gastronomy in the restaurant Kocherei.

On Sunday June 11th Lenkwerk presents British-Day for the whole family with an exciting supporting programme from 10 am to 5 pm for all oldtimer and youngtimer owners and visitors. Expected are unique vehicles and a British flair. A MINI vehicle exhibition plus test drives, Little Britain Supermarket will be selling their wares and there will be British food to enjoy. There is free access/parking in the grounds for those with an English vehicle and other classics.